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Inside South Florida: Keeping Your Holiday Waistline In Check

Posted at 4:12 PM, Dec 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-10 16:12:31-05

Tis the season to be merry and to eat lots and lots of food. So in effort to stay fairly health conscious here are some to keep your holiday waistline from expanding, courtesy of Dr. Adam Splaver of NanoHealth Associates.  Starting with not all calories are created equal.

"It's very interesting when you look at the history of where the calorie came from.  It actually was devised from a psychiatrist who was actually looking to see how much her patients with eating disorders were actually eating.  As it turns out, not all calories are equal.  Choose your foods wisely and choose healthy," said Dr. Splaver.

Here’s one you might not have considered. Pregaming.

Before you actually go out and go to a party, maybe have yourself a nice healthy meal.  Maybe a protein shake, and drink a couple of glasses of water. That will actually fill you up and make you more aware of what you are going to eat at the party and maybe eat a little bit less," said Dr. Splaver.

Forget about the size of your pants, or the size of the belt, it’s the size of the plate that really matters.

If you go to a lot of these parties, you will see these plates are enormous.  They are actually the size of a serving platter. Choose a smaller plate, choose a salad plate.  If there is not salad plate, then use the serving plate, but only fill it half way up," said Dr. Splaver.

And on that small plate, you need to save some room. Not for cookies, but for veggies.

"Generally the rule of thumb is you should at least have half the plate filled with vegetables, non-starchy vegetables.  Stay away from the peas, corn, rice, and potatoes.  Stick more with salads, zucchini, green bears, or things that will actually fill you up, that are healthy and will not add to your waist line," said Dr. Splaver.

So we’ve covered dinner but what about drinks and desserts? Are those strictly off limits?

"Don't drink four glasses of wine or have five shots of whiskey.  Maybe just have a slice of cheesecake instead of the whole platter of it. Those things need to be eat appropriately.  Just watch what you're eating," said Dr. Splaver.

And in the midst of all your holiday merriment, here’s a bonus tip, make sure you maintain your exercise schedule.

"All too often, we get ourselves caught up in the holiday festive season and we push our normal routine to the side.  Don't do that.  Continue working out, get your heart rate up." said Dr. Splaver.

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