Boy leaves beloved bear behind, Hawaii hotel sends it on adventures

Posted at 10:55 AM, Jan 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-11 10:55:28-05

A little boy left his beloved teddy bear behind after a family vacation in Hawaii—but he ended up “both mystified and completely enthralled” by the hotel’s response.

Anna Pickard got in touch with the Grand Hyatt Kauai after returning to the family’s Bay Area home sans bear, and not only did the hotel locate and return the toy, it sent the bear on some grand adventures, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The hotel provided Pickard with photos of the bear (and a stuffed seal friend he’d made on the trip) visiting the spa, renting a cabana, getting nails done, exploring the resort, hitting the pool and the beach, and, eventually, checking out of the hotel at the registration desk on their way back home to California.

Pickard’s son had all sorts of questions, including how the bear could afford to rent a cabana (“With the money we left in the room every day?” he wondered, prompting Pickard to add some travel advice to her thread: “p.s. Tip your housekeeping staff every day”) and he ended up “utterly confused and completely delighted” by the whole thing, she writes.

Check out her original thread with photos from the hotel here, or photos of her son “so sodding happy” to be reunited with his bear here. The hotel even responded here and here, noting staff was “glad [the bear] Sutro got to enjoy an extended vacation with us. I’m sure he will have lots of stories to share” and adding that the whole thing is a “perfect example of the Aloha spirit we love to share with our guests, teddy bears included.” (Read more uplifting news stories.)

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