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Super Teachers: Ms. Renea Moss

Posted at 11:12 AM, Feb 07, 2019

Meet Renea Moss. A double threat at Miramar High School. She teaches debate and dance. So her kids are constantly talking and moving and so is she.

"I can't keep still. I hear it from my administrators, we went to Blue Key and we got back at like, three in the morning, and when I came into school the next morning at 7 am everyone looked at me like 'What are you doing here?'" Said Moss.

In her debate class her students are all about winning trophies, and today they are flexing their vocal muscles and learning the power of communication.

"Our motto is 'Words Have Power, Master Your Power', and that's what I'm teaching my kids, the power they hold within their communication skills. I'm teaching them that no matter what they wanna do, they can speak with facts." Said Moss

And in the dance class the students are learning a dance to the song "No Air", which has a deep emotional meaning to them.

"I teach lyrical, contemporary, and jazz. The song is about missing someone that's not there. Which is kind of appropriate because we just lost someone here at the school. The song is a symbol that these kids will always be with us." Said Moss.

Whether it’s debate or dance, Miss Moss brings the energy and the love. In fact, she’s so nurturing, her students call her Mama Moss.

"She's 'Mama Moss', she's very attentive, she'll tell you when you're doing something wrong and she'll sit with you and help you fix it. She'll be there with you the entire time until she knows that you got it." said Brianna Garza a 10th Grader in Ms. Moss's dance class.

"Ms. Moss is such a great teacher because she's so genuine, every decision she makes is about us." Said Daliss Hicks a Senior in Ms. Moss's debate class.

"Ms. Moss is extremely dedicated to our students and to our programs, she's with our students in the evening and on the weekends and it really shows." Said Loli Formoso, Principal of Miramar High School.

To donate to the Miramar Debate Team (The Debatriots) contact Miramar High School.

So do a victory dance for Renea Moss. There’s no debate she’s this week’s super teacher and the recipient of two passes to Universal Orlando Resort.

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