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Inside South Florida: Tips to Keep Your Relationship Strong

Posted at 10:49 AM, Feb 11, 2019
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In order to keep your relationship strong and healthy, you have to work on it. Relationship expert Lisa Lieberman-Wang has tips that will get you closer to your significant other.

First tip: Respect and appreciate each other.

"We get into relationships and we think just because we are in them we don't have to do the work anymore, and if a gentleman doesn't feel appreciated or respected he'll end up leaving and people don't understand that. When I started dating my husband I told him don't do anything for a day that you wouldn't do for a lifetime, and that was an important piece because that went for both of us. When someone is always there for you and you just expect it, it's one of those things that they no longer want to do it because you just think I have to do it. Then it becomes shoulds, woulds, and coulds." Said Lieberman-Wang.

Next tip: Don't take your partner for granted.

"It's really easy to take your partner for granted, you could be out and about and if someone does something you don't really like and they say something like 'Oh I'm sorry' your response would be 'Oh, that's ok'. When your with a partner you find out that over time, if they bump into you 'Oh I'm sorry' will turn into 'What's wrong with you?' or they'll turn around and just expect the garbage to be taken out or things like that. As opposed to just respecting where they're at. You need to trade expectation for appreciation." Said Lieberman-Wang.

The next tip is for women: Don't belittle your man.

"A lot of time women end up belittling their men and not allowing them to be the man, a lot of times they forget that they are the female in the relationship. Men don't like to be told what to do, they aren't your child. They are your husband, your significant other, your boyfriend, or whatever they are to you. And when you start telling them what to do and how to act, especially in public, and you start criticizing them, it's like castrating them. Here's what ends up happening, men have got to be men, but women have gotten so strong and masculine that they have forgotten about their feminine side where we could just let men do things. Let them open doors for you or let them do something for you. You don't always have to be so strong." Said Lieberman-Wang.

Fourth tip: Don't withhold your love.

"There are three levels to relationships, the first one is: it's all about me, the second is like a horse trade, it's I'll do this for you if you do this for me, and the third level is your needs are my needs, the challenge with a lot of relationships is that they'll live in either a level two or a level one, and what they'll do is that they'll withhold love. They'll go 'I won't do this for you unless you do this for me', and that's a level two but, the ideal situation is to be in a level three where your needs are my needs, you're not making your love conditional." Said Lieberman-Wang.

Fifth tip: Avoid being needy.

"Men love to make their women happy, and if they find a woman they can never make happy, or if she's too needy, they feel like there is not even a reason to try anymore. If you find that your with a guy that's checked out and they no longer want to do things for you, it's probably because you made it so difficult to win that they don't even want to play. I remember when I met my husband I asked him 'What's your purpose in life?' and he said 'To make you happy.' He feels like he wins when he makes me happy, and your guy will feel like he's winning when he makes you happy." Said Lieberman-Wang.

Lisa is the Internationally-Bestselling author of 'Fine to Fab', and she's giving away copies of her book for free! For more information head to to download the book.

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