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Foodie Fix: Bakan Brings A Taste Of Mexico To Wynwood

Posted at 11:18 AM, Feb 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-21 11:18:22-05

Wynwood has yet another new restaurant. Welcome to Bakan.

The Mexican-inspired eatery is located along Northwest 28th street and 2nd avenue, bringing traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern-twist and more than 500 mezcals and tequilas to sample.

"Everything in this restaurant should take you to Mexico," said Executive Chef Oscar Del Rivero.

When you walk in, the first thing you see is a giant cactus and hanging basket lanterns. The scene is designed to make you feel as through you’re in a chic-yet-minimalist desert home in Mexico. Executive chef Oscar del Rivero holds the reigns in the kitchen and says he and his partners took many trips throughout Mexico to explore the flavors of the country.

"I've lived in America, Mexico, Europe, Central America, I take my experiences from all of these places and represent them through my food. But I really bring it home because I am Mexican," said Del Rivero.

First up: the short rib.

"First we braise it in a Mexican liquid with aromatics, like a broth, for hours until it gets really really soft. Once it gets really soft we put it in our wood grill oven. This particular dish is served with a chile relleno and grilled corn. Relleno means stuffed with a little bit of cheese and refried beans," said Del Rivero.

Bakan is known for their tortillas, hence the meaning behind the name of the restaurant. They fly in ancient corn, grown for generations in Mexico.

"The tortillas are special because we use a special process called nixtamalization, we cook our corn with calcium, in order to bring out all of the properties of the corn, that's how they would do it in the old times. After we cook the corn, we peel it so that its even softer, and then we grind them with stones. That natural grind with stones makes a coarse paste, this is the actual masa, which is amazing and very soft. We make it fresh everyday in the special round comal. While it turns them they puff up and become fresh, and when they are done they are ready to serve," said Del Rivero.

Next: the Alaskan King Crab tacos.

"We like to fry it a little bit in this special butter that we make, it has a little bit of butter, a little bit of black beans, and a little bit of chayote. Once its a little golden, we put a little bit of fresh corn and then we put it in the tortilla. That's all it needs. But, we add some black beans to the tacos to add a little bit more flavor," said Del Rivero.

Bakan is open everyday for lunch and dinner, for more information head to

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