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Inside South Florida: The Benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Posted at 11:07 AM, Feb 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-25 11:08:08-05

Utilizing whole hemp oil and top-quality ingredients, Veritas Farms, headquartered in Ft Lauderdale, is a “Farm to Table” producer of several products. And because they use a full spectrum of hemp oil, and not just CBD, the quality is rather robust.

"CBD is one of those main types of cannabinoids, it's one of the most well known ones along with THC. There are about 100 more cannabinoids in cannabis that are all very beneficial, for example: CBG, CBN,CBA,CBC. In full spectrum hemp oil you're getting the entourage effect of all these beneficial cannabinoids combined together," said Derek Thomas, VP of Business Development at Veritas Farms.

As for those products, Veritas has an array of items.

"We have of course your tinctures, capsules, salves and lotions, but we also have innovative products too. We have a lip balm and a full line of pet products. We are also coming out with cool products like K-Cups that you can have along with your morning coffee and your morning full spectrum hemp oil. We are working on a premium women's face skin care line which is going to include an eye cream, a serum and a moisturizer. So we have the core products that customers rely on and we also have the new and exciting things that we're working on too," said Thomas.

While headquartered down here, Veritas has a 140-acre farm in Pueblo, Colorado. And they are part of the sustainable agricultural revolution.

"We have about 80,000 feet of indoor manufacturing, labs, extraction facilities and labeling shipping areas. We have another 40,000 feet or so of greenhouse and of course we have 150 acres that we plant on. The coolest thing is the effort that we put on sustainability into natural practices so for example, we practice no-till farming. Instead of using pesticides and herbicides, we use chickens, lady bugs and peppers. We practice drip irrigation and we are looking at getting solar at the farm so we really consider the triple bottom line, profits, people, and the planet," said Thomas.

Overall, from start to finish, Veritas lives by its mission to be “truly healthy.”

"Veritas stands for truth and transparency in latin so that's what we do every day when we show up to work. Everything that we do, we do it truthfully and we do it transparently and we want the best opportunities for people to take their health back into their own control," said Thomas.

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