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Super Teachers: Ms. Shanett Dean

Posted at 12:04 PM, Mar 14, 2019

Literature meets public speaking in Shanett Dean’s IB Literature class at Boyd Anderson High School. And Ms. Dean is helping her students think critically while playing a game.

"Today we're focusing on our IB end of the year assessments. So we've turned it into a game, where they get to practice the books that they've read and compete against each other to show that they know how to put these texts in dialogue with each other," said Dean.

Making the lesson plan fun brings out the best in the kids.

"I think it helps a lot in terms of engagement, and it adds this extra pressure to remember the texts that we started the year off with," said Dean.

And the skills that these students exhibit in class will help them in all walks of life.

"I'm hoping that it helps them, not only with the end of year assessment, but also as they transition into college students, and it helps them become analytical thinkers. But also, just in the way that they relate to each other. It's highlighting notes of empathy in terms of just being a teenager and how they respond to each other. I think this class covers quite a few aspects," said Dean.

Clearly Mrs. Dean is a great teacher, but to her students and faculty, she's even more than that. She's someone who makes Boyd Anderson a great place to be.

"She's very well versed in the curriculum that she teaches. And we truly respect what she does in the classroom," said Dr. Angel Almanzar, Principal.

"Her interaction levels are amazing, she knows how to connect and get the information to the students, and that's what helps us get ready for college and the future. She's also very funny, you should ask her to tell you a joke," said Briauna Williams, a Senior at Boyd Anderson.

So give it up for Shanett Dean, an educator and a jokester. She's this week's super teacher and the recipient of two passes to Universal Orlando Resort.

(Prizes provided by Universal Orlando Resort™)