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Posted at 10:43 AM, Apr 03, 2019
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West Coast University in Miami offers a nursing program that is technologically advanced and if you attend WCU as a nursing student, you can expect a comprehensive education.

"Here at West Coast our curriculum is very student-centric, we are going to take into consideration the level of schooling that you received," said Katrina Lino, a Nursing Instructor.

One of the calling cards of the program is the skills lab, which helps aspiring nurses learn, and practice, proper procedures.

"You come to the skills lab and you get to practice them on a mannequin, build up those skills and take away those nerves so when you go out into the field and actually touch a patient you feel confident that you know how to do that skill and that you're not gonna provide any harm to that patient," said Lino.

Once the students have soaked in the knowledge from the skills lab, they’re off to the simulation rooms, where things can get really challenging.

"Here is where you get to bring it all together, its a very safe environment, there is no judgement here. Here is where you can make mistakes and learn from them. You're gonna put together the theory portion of the disease along with the practical portion and apply it to patients in a controlled setting," said Lino.

And if, for example, the patient has asthma attack the students know what to do.

"The nurses will be able to complete the nursing process after they complete the course which includes assessing the state of the patient and following the correct procedures," said Lino.

After studying at West Coast University in Miami, aspiring nurses will be very prepared for multiple real world medical situations.

"With the experiences that they get from taking this course, they should be very comfortable in being able to go out and take care of patients and be a confident nurse," said Lino.

For more information about West Coast University’s nursing program, including the classes they offer on evenings and weekends, go to

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