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Posted at 11:14 AM, Apr 09, 2019
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Smart skincare is easier said than done, and coming up with the right regimen is even more of a challenge when you're dealing with the Miami heat and humidity. Whether your goal is to repair fine lines or repair past damage, each age group has it's own unique issues.

Before we get into specific age-group treatments, Dr. Deborah Longwill of the Miami Center for Dermatology emphasizes the important things you should be doing to protect your skin everyday.

"Men and women of every age should all be wearing sunscreen, have a titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, that's a physical barrier. Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin because your cells need lots of water, wear hats and glasses to keep your skin out of the sun as much as possible, and finally, just typically cleanse your skin everyday," said Longwill.

Now to non-invasive treatments that are the perfect tools to fight signs of age. First age-group to tackle: the roaring 20's.

"A lot of 20 year olds want their skin glowing and really just nice and soft and for that we have the oxygen facial. The oxygen facial helps remove the top layer of the skin with hyaluronic acid and then we top it off with oxygen to build your cells. It's just a great procedure to help continue your skin looking healthy," said Longwill.

Next, the dirty 30's.

"The 30's are all about tightening the skin, we have our glow, now we want to tighten the skin. We want to tighten it not only in our face but our necks as well," said Longwill.

Now to the fab 40's.

"40's we are all about getting volume and convexity, and that's done by using fillers like botox to get rid of the frowns and lines that are dynamic," said Longwill.

And finally, the 50's, which is the new 30.

"We are using our fraxel laser to help with pigmentation, building collagen, and removing scars. It's a wonderful treatment that you can do several times a year and really make you look young," said Longwill.

Miami Center for Dermatology is located at 7700 SW 104th Street, to make an appointment with Dr. Longwill, head to

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