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Inside South Florida: “Get Naked” Series

Posted at 12:35 PM, Apr 15, 2019
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Dr. Aura Tovar has served as owner and family chiropractor of Dynamic Chiropractic Center. After almost two decades, she decided to pursue her doctorate to educate, enlighten and help others reach their health goals as well.

Then her "Get Naked" series was born.

"'Get Naked' is a program that I developed for myself because I was in an abusive marriage. It is just systems that I learned through many seminars and retreats and many years of self-help. All that helped me develop this program, it really helped me survive my little storm and keep thriving. So I decided that if it was helping me, it was going to help others as well," said Tovar.

Dr. Tovar calls herself “a student of life”, and while studying human behavior, she quickly realized that her true purpose in life was to ignite the spark in others to live to their full potential. If you or a loved one is going through a difficult time, Dr. Tovar came up with strategies to help you tackle those resentments or past traumas.

"I feel like the best strategies we can have is to first, accept where we are and accept our present, we have to accept that our feelings are real and that they are there. The second is to reflect on why they are there, you really need to take the time out of your day to reflect on why these feelings are there. Then stripping down is to let go of the resentments that you may have," said Tovar.

Dr. Tovar also shares three tips on how to “Get Naked” and start dissolving the issues that don’t let you function at your best.

"Identify the problem, you need to determine the source of why you feel the way that you do. Then you need to ask yourself: "Is this a feeling that is coming from the past, present, future?". Once you identify what's wrong you need to let go of the problems from the past and the problems from the future and really just focus on the present. Then you need to write an action step for that one feeling or problem, and that will really help you remove all of that emotional stress," said Tovar.

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