Inside South Florida: Edward Beiner Eyes Forward

Posted at 10:40 AM, Apr 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-29 10:40:22-04

If seeing is believing, you won’t believe what you see at Edward Beiner Eyes Forward in Brickell. They’ve partnered with an Italian company called Thema to bring Virtual Eyewear Assistant technology to the United States. In fact, this store is the only place you can find this technology in America, and it leads to the most customizable eyeglasses you’ve ever worn.

"The Virtual Eyewear Assistant is a biometrical facial scanning technology, with a 3D camera we acquire over 500 thousand facial landmark points and we create a facial render of the customer that is then uploaded to our webpage's software. With that it combines the digital database of all our designs and it creates the perfect custom dimension to fit the wearer's face perfectly," said Giulia Valmassoi, CEO of North America, Therma USA.

Now it's time to have fun because now you get to customize your pair of glasses, there are so many options! Let's just say things are very flexible.

"So imagine what we have right here, every one of these single designs means an opportunity to design over one million different combinations, this design right here is available in three eye sizes, over a thousand colors, two finishes, 32 options for the temples, with or without nose beds and you can also choose the finish wether it is metal or shiny," said Valmassoi.

Edward Beiner prides himself on being an incubator, and doing his part to showcase emerging technology and he absolutely loves VEA.

"First of all, it's the technology, the technology that works. Here we have a facial recognition that takes a picture of your face and we are able to put the scans into an ipad and from there it calculates exactly how the glasses should fit and the eye sizes for those glasses based on the temples. At that point, it's time to have fun with the colors and play," said Beiner.

But it’s not just Edward who’s a fan. He says his customers are blown away.

"We keep on selling the eye glasses, they come directly here because they recognize there is something unique and that they've never seen before in this optical and they start playing. And of course, with the help of the staff, they are able to pick the perfect pair," said Beiner.

The glasses cost between 250 and 400 dollars, and are made with environmental sustainability in mind. And since Thema has a factory in Miami you can have the glasses in as little as three days.

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