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Posted at 11:51 AM, Apr 29, 2019
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The third annual SPARK event is set for May 3rd at the FIU Main Campus.

Speaker, author and business influencer, Luly B., says the event is meant to guide women through their personal and professional transformation.

The day will include reflection, writing, interaction, play, and dance with more than 300 professional women.

"So, there are a lot of really beautiful events and conferences in our community, to help women really step into their greatness. I love all of those events, but I found that there are two things that women really need that weren't really happening in our community: we aren't having as much fun as we'd like to and we don't play enough. SPARK is really about celebrating and taking a step back to reflect and be kind for yourself. And the other piece is the opportunity to surround yourself by other like-minded women, who lift as we climb, and to celebrate one another," said Luly B.

According to Luly, SPARK attendees walk away with new leadership and networking skills, a renewed sense of purpose, powerful connections and fuel to light up their lives.

"So SPARK is an acronym, the 'S' stands for 'Serve others without sacrificing myself', the 'P' is 'Pursue perspective rather than perfection', the 'A' is 'Accept love and support with grace', the 'R' is 'Recruit the right people for my life', and the 'K' is 'Be as Kind to yourself as you are to others'." said Luly B.

SPARK and Luly B. support the program Fostering Panther Pride. Since its inception, SPARK has raised more than 250,000 dollars for the program.

"We incorporate 30 young women who are foster youth or homeless students currently enrolled at FIU. These ladies get up on stage, tell the group what they are studying, and something that they need or want, and what's so beautiful about that exercise is that the audience is so excited to support these ladies. They get to see how it feels to give, but they also see the power of receiving, because these ladies are receiving with grace. These young ladies so us that it's beautiful to give, and all too often we deny people the opportunity to give to us," said Luly B.

If you’d like to attend the event, Luly is offering a a buy-one-get-one half off special.

"If there is anything to be true about girls, it's that we love a good deal and we love to bring friends to something awesome. To unlock the BOGO code, everyone can go to and enter the code SPARKCW for the buy one get one half off special," said Luly B.

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