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4Geeks Academy

Posted at 12:44 PM, May 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-14 12:44:18-04

Who says being a geek can’t be cool? If you’re an aspiring web and app developer, 4Geeks Academy in Miami wants to help you become a coding champion.

"4Geeks is a place where, in nine weeks, you can change your life by becoming a developer and get a job and start making 50k a year. It's not like we invented this idea, but over the years the idea has been polished until we came up with our variation that you don't pay until you get the job," said Alejandro Sanchez, Co-Founder of 4Geeks.

The curriculum is a 9-week bootcamp, with classes every weekday. And the class size is small, with one teacher for every four students and a maximum of 8 students in each class.

“At the beginning it was seven students per teacher and throughout the years we have been lowering the student-teacher rate because it is so hands on that we don’t want you to be stuck in a problem for more than 15 minutes. We tell you that you need to ask a question if you’re stuck for more than 15 minutes, so you have someone by your side to answer any question you may have,” said Sanchez.

If you’re thinking this intensive education will cost you a fortune, think again. In fact, it doesn’t cost anything unless you end up getting a job, which 4Geeks can help you find, by the way. Then you’ll pay 4Geeks a percentage of your salary. And they built their business this way because they’re so confident in their program. In fact, 91% of their graduates get jobs.

“We are so happy with our results and we think it’s working. Everyone is happy with the course, everyone is learning a lot. We decided ‘how can we get the best possible talent? Let’s just remove money out of the formula,” added Sanchez.

So, if it seems like coding could be up your alley, just wait until you take the class. Alejandro says it’s a whole lot of fun to be a developer.

“I started doing it when I was 13 because I was able to see what I was doing right there. You create a website and you start using it right away and then you can share the link with people and they start using it as well and that’s more rewarding because then you make changes and you see how they react. So, that feeling is amazing,” said Sanchez.

For more information about 4Geeks, including their schedule of upcoming bootcamps, head to