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Super Teachers: Castilia Cava

Posted at 12:45 PM, May 16, 2019

The creativity is on full display in Castilia Cava’s ceramics class at Blanche Ely High School. And today, these kids get to be as expressive as they want.

“They’re creating an imaginary creature. So they’ve come up with some key body features that they thought were very interesting of different types of insects, animals, mammals, ocean creatures, in order to create something unique,” said Cava.

In fact, being creative and expressive is crucial to these students. And Mrs. Cava knows how important it is for her to encourage that.

“This is very hands-on. They get to use their imagination in what they’re creating and part of what I like to do is take a skill they need to learn and then with that skill I allow them to use things they’re interested in, their own ideas and make it into something that’s going to be something they want to keep forever as well,” said Cava.

Not only does Mrs. Cava foster creativity in class, she does so for Ely’s staff and for extra-curricular groups. She’s helping as many people as she can.

“Here at Blanche Ely High School we’ve been working on a SELL program, which is Social Emotional Learning. So, we help put together a few different things we’ve done as a group, and one of those things I have helped out with is having a painting fun day with teachers. We got together, we had a few little fun snacks and we got to do a fun painting based on being creative, and hanging out and enjoying each other’s company in a positive environment,” said Cava.

All of Mrs. Cava’s hard work is paying off, as she beloved by the Ely community.

“I came here and I didn’t know what the class was about, I wasn’t sure. So, I was like “this is boring” but Mrs. Cava actually made me interested and I really liked it,” said 11th grader, Kelvin Brown.

“When you talk about career-ready students, you talk about working on skills. We know that the kids in math, English, and science and the core subjects do extremely well but you’ve got to have arts and crafts, you’ve got to have music. You’ve got to have that inside the building. And Blanche Ely High School couldn’t have selected a better teacher,” said Ely’s principal, Karlton Johnson.

So give it up for Castilia Cava, who’s shaping the future of her students. She’s this week’s super teacher and the recipient of two passes to Universal Orlando Resort.

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