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MegaCon 2019 Recap

Posted at 11:04 AM, May 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 11:04:42-04

Welcome to MegaCon 2019. MegaCon Orlando is one of the largest cons in the Southeast. With cosplayers, celebrity sightings and huge exhibitors on the exhibition floor, there is something for everyone in this con. And that is what keeps fans around the nation coming back.

"This is a very inclusive safe space, where people can be themselves and celebrate with each other. Orlando welcomes 75 million people every year. So, we are just happy to be part of that," said Andrew Moyes, FANEXPO HQ Vice President.

Being one of the biggest Cons in South Florida means it’s important to represent the geek culture and that is what makes MegaCon so special.

“MegaCon is about discovering new fandoms. It’s about celebrating your current fandom, and it’s also about finding that sense of belonging. So, our job is to deliver the ultimate fan experience and when we see the happy faces, when we see the electric moments happening, when people get their photo op or their autograph, that’s what brings us satisfaction. And that’s what makes us start to work on next year already,” said Moyes.

MegaCon Orlando is held every May, but next year it will be held April 16-19th. To get tickets, go to