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The Hilton Miami Dadeland Hotel Has An International Wall Of Water!

Posted at 12:35 PM, May 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-28 12:36:00-04

Everyone is familiar with wine tastings but do you know where to go for a water tasting? The Hilton Miami Dadeland Hotel recently opened up on the Baptist medical campus, the wellness hotel has an international wall of water with bottled water from around the world.

"The international wall of water is a good component for us here at the hotel, being that we are a wellness themed property  we want our guest to have a restful stay. I found a local water maestro and he introduced me to this theme, featuring great international bottled water," said James Shandor, General Manager, Hilton Miami Dadeland Hotel.

What exactly is a water maestro? "Actually for those that think water is just water, there is a very big difference. The biggest part comes from the source and the middle content in all the waters. We have a variety here we can show you. This is very high in mineral content, you'll be surprised when you taste that.  This one has an extreme amount of oxygen in the water when it actually comes out of the ground. And this particular one comes from Svalbard, Norway they actually get icebergs take them out, melt them down, put them in a bottle and there you go," said Brett Spitlny, Water Maestro.

The water bottles range in price from $10 to $150. The gem in their collection is water from Norway and that’s the first one we’re going to taste.

To learn more about the bottles of water watch the full video and for information on how to attend a water tasting—head to

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10:49 AM, Jul 26, 2019

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