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Super Teachers: Mr. Carey Holder

Posted at 1:29 PM, May 30, 2019

If you’re fishing for an interesting high school class look no further than Carey Holder's Honors Biology in the environmental science magnet at South Plantation High School. On the menu today: squid.

"We do dissections because the kids love it, my favorite dissection is the squid dissection. The anatomy of the squid is really amazing, they started to see where the gils are, where the heart is," said, Holder, the school's Environmental Science Magnet Teacher.

Mr. Holder and his students oversee South Plantation's 28 aquariums. Not only are they beautiful but they're educational.

"There are aquariums all over the school. The kids love them, they love the ecosystems, and overall they love the complex aquatic systems. When I teach them later on in my AP Environmental Science classes the students start to see how these systems are being endangered and then pass that information on for years to come," said Holder.

One of the most dynamic things about Mr. Holder is his personality. Not only is he a great teacher but he is incredibly popular here at South Plantation High School.

"Mr. Holder is just one of the hallmark teachers of South Plantation High School. He is one of the kids favorite, his passion for his curriculum and his passion for the profession combined with his love of kids really makes him one of the favorite on campus," said, Christine Henschel, South Plantation High School Principal.

This student has especially great things to say about Mr. Holder, of course he may be a little biased because he’s his son.

"I thought it would be weird having my dad going into high school, but it's completely normal. Cause of his personality, he's very similar to how he is in the class at home, so it was an easy transition for me. This year I'm learning AP Environmental Science, which is really helpful because the problems around the world like climate change is detrimental to the entire globe," said Donovan Holder.

 So give it up for Carey Holder, who's shaping his family and his extended family at South Plantation High School. He's this weeks Super Teacher and the recipient of two passes for Universal Orlando Resort.