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Bridging the Millennial/Managerial Gap

Posted at 2:41 PM, Jun 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-17 14:41:49-04

If you’re a millennial in the workforce, or a manager who employs millennials, perhaps you feel a disconnect at the office. MentorMe is a new, locally based company, designed to bridge the gap between the two groups. It’s cofounders, Italo Campilii and John Vargas, bring diverse backgrounds to the company.

"We took these findings that millennials really need to understand the purpose for their actions and we turned this into a business model. The work that Italo has been doing as an entrepreneur and the work that I did in big business, we merged both of those and we came up with a formula, which is companies are demanding things and millennials are expecting things. So how do we bridge that gap?" said John Vargas, Co-founder of MentorMe.

From their partnership rose the creative for MentorMe. And when Italo and John speak to companies, they integrate multiple issues which can affect the office.

"I come from an entrepreneur background, building strategies for customers and solving their biggest problems. A key to achieving this for millennials is humility; it's thriving in the space. There is a phrase: ability without humility makes you a liability, but ability with humility gives you stability. You can have the most amazing skillsets, you can be the most amazing person when it comes to performing at work, but you need to have that human touch - the part where you can say 'I've made a mistake.' It's okay to make mistakes. The bigger the mistake, the bigger your growth," said Italo Campilii, Co-founder of MentorMe.

"When management understands the needs of the millennials and empathizes with them, they make changes," said Vargas.

Italo is an innovative entrepreneur, while John is a former Apple executive and one of Apple’s top sales performers. In fact, he learned valuable insight from Steve Jobs.

"One of the things that Steve mentioned was recruiting and keeping quality candidates. He felt that one exceptional candidate was better than forty average people. That's one of the thing that we want to help companies do - to keep their exceptional millennials that they have on board. It costs way more to try to recruit more millennials than to keep the ones you have happy. If you implement humility and empathy, it will help you keep those millennials and recruit more like them so that your company can thrive and achieve," said Vargas.

If you’d like to learn more about MentorMe, and possibly have Italo and John visit your company, they’re easy to reach.

"If people want to get more information today, they can go to, get a free strategy from one of us, and we can start our consultation through the process of understanding your biggest problems, what's keeping you up at night, and what we can do to solve those problems," said Campilii.

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