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Heather Monahan “Creates Confidence” with Podcast

Posted at 11:39 AM, Jul 01, 2019
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Heather Monahan is a best-selling author, a keynote speaker, and the top new podcast host at Podcast One. Her podcast is called “Creating Confidence With Heather Monahan” and, no matter what you do for a living, it will inspire you.

"I had been wanting to do a podcast ever since a year and a half ago when we first connected. I didn't have the bandwidth to do it myself. So I pitched myself to Podcast One, the largest podcasting company, I signed with them and we just launched a show a month ago called 'Creating Confidence With Heather Monahan.' It's all about how people can go through my journey with me and, every week, I bring on an amazing guest from Gary Vaynerchuk to Ryan Serhant from Bravo TV & Real Housewives of New York," said Monahan.

Heather, and her listeners, get invaluable tips from dynamic thought leaders. And one pearl of wisdom from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk blew her away.

"Gary dropped some major knowledge. He talked about the importance of us looking to our kids for the future and how they're a better of an indicator of the future than we are. Sometimes we tend to come at things from our past and what he really got me to do is pay attention to my son. I was so inspired that I shifted in my business. I've noticed that my son uses YouTube as a search engine, not Google and guess what? He's not the only one. He really opened my eyes by looking at our kids as a resource and indicator of the future so that we can capitalize on our business," said Monahan.

For Heather, she gets completely engrossed in each show’s topic and treats it more like a conversation than an interview.

"If I had done this two years ago, I probably would have freaked out. But because I took that leap of faith in myself creating this wave of confidence, I really dived into my vulnerable space. I feel so good when I go places now, legitimately. For me to activate my confidence, I take the other person off their pedestal, I remind myself that we are all equal," said Monahan.

If you want to listen to Heather's podcast or learn more about her, go to Apple podcast or the Podcast One website. You can also check out her website

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