Bean Automotive & Habitat For Humanity

Posted at 1:41 PM, Jul 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-02 13:41:35-04

Bean Automotive Group is a staple of South Florida. But it’s not because it has been in business for 50 years. It’s also because Bean aligns itself with wonderful causes, including Habitat For Humanity.

"We implemented something in 2017 called PVTO Day. That's one private volunteer time off day that the company pays the associates to be able to go out and donate a full day of their time to some charitable or community organization. Company-wide we chose Habitat for Humanity and we were overwhelmed by the response we receive from our associates. Everybody wanted to get on board and so we selected one home. The mother of the home was a Miami-Dade School bus driver for 30 years. To be able to partner with someone who never knew the feeling of home ownership, who although was driving kids to and from school, she never really understood what it was  to offer that to her children-- that was an amazing experience," said H.R. Director of Bean Automotive Group, Jiselle Perez.

One of the exciting Habitat projects on the horizon for Bean Automotive is The Building Blitz.

"The Building Blitz is when Habitat for Humanity occupies or purchases a block of land and they build several homes. The companies or corporate partners are there participating and within a very short period of time these homes are ready for the families to move in. That's why they call it a blitz," said Perez.

And every Bean employee loves the feeling of being part of something this special.

"It's so rewarding. In the last home we built, I remember walking with the youngest of four siblings to see her room. I walked her too the back of the room because I did the primer in her room, and she said 'This is my room' with such pride in her eyes. She told me she wanted to paint her bedroom pink and I thought to myself, this little girl deserves the most, beautiful pink princess bedroom that she dreamed of. It was so rewarding being apart of that," said Perez.