Season Three Of “Stranger Things” Has A New Star Cast Member

Posted at 1:54 PM, Jul 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-02 13:54:32-04

Season Three of "Stranger Things" is out on Netflix and one of the stars of the new season is Cary Elwes. You know him from “The Princess Bride,” “Glory,” “Liar Liar” and more. And he told me, he was a fan of "Stranger Things" before he got the call to be on it.

"It was a thrill for me because my wife and I binge watched seasons one and two.... and so to get the call to be a part of something I already was emotionally invested in was surreal," said Elwes.

As an established actor, Elwes explains what the first day was like working with the cast on set.

"They were all terrific! I mean, you watch the show you see how great they all are-the whole cast, not just the kids. I call them 'kids'  and they're not kids anymore. They made me feel so welcome and that was so special," said Elwes.

Elwes plays Larry Kline, the Mayor of Hawkins. And the press notes describe his character in a rather unflattering way.

"You know politicians are in the profession of not always being honest, so maybe thats they best way to put it. They have a very fine way of twisting the truth to make it work for their belief system," Elwes added.

As mentioned, Elwes has been in a ton of movies. But, if he’s flipping through the channels and sees one of his movies, he’s not exactly going to break out the popcorn.

"I can't watch myself-look first off, I'm in it and secondly all I can see are my mistakes. So, that's not really pleasant for me. But there are other things, if I'm flipping channels that I can't miss like "Shawshank Redemption", "Jaws", "Raiders"  or any of those great films," said Elwes.

He may not love his movies, but we do. And we look forward to seeing Cary Elwes in the new season of Stranger Things.

"I want them to know that it's bigger, more powerful, more intense and more terrifying than seasons one and two. You're going to be blown away. That's all I can tell you. I've seen a lot of it and it's nail biting stuff," said Elwes.