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A Heroic Visit for Super Kids

Posted at 12:23 PM, Aug 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-02 12:24:10-04

Today Princess Ariel, Anna and Superheroes Wonder Woman, Ant-man and Batman beyond are all at Holtz Children's Hospital in Jackson Memorial.

Today's task isn't to save anyone, but to meet other heroes.

Multiverse corps. comics owner, Tim Manalo, had the idea to gather these great cosplayer and team up once a month to visit kids at this hospital.

"I wanted to take all the cosplayers and have them come to the hospital and do something for the kids. So I sprung the idea to my wife who works at Jackson and said, 'Hey, maybe we can get some cosplayers around. How can we execute this?' With her help, we've been doing this for six to eight months now," said Tim Manalo, Owner, Multiverse Corps. Comics.

The nurses at Holtz love having the heroes and princesses visit the kids. 

"It's a break from being in this environment. Nobody really wants to be in the hospital. So having characters like this come and visit them really gives them a break from the stress and trauma that they face here at the hospital. You see how the kids' faces light up when they enter the room. They really feel like these are the real superheroes," said Sophie Adrian, Child Life Specialist, Holtz Children Hospital.

Not only does this bring joy to the kids, it also brings happiness to the cosplayers.

"When I first started cosplaying, I met them a year ago. After that, I never thought that I'd be doing this with them. It's been very fulfilling. I'm very happy that we get to go around making kids days and making their day a little bit better than what they're going through," said Eduardo Lagares, Cosplayer.

And listen up cosplayers! If you want to join and do these hospital visits, here’s how you can do it.

"We want more cosplayers to join in what we do here every month. You can message us on our Instagram or Facebook and let us know if you want to take part in this. Every month, we have cosplayers come in and do these hospital visits,"said Manolo.

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