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Insert a Coin and Get a Car

Posted at 12:01 PM, Aug 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-20 12:01:23-04

Can buying a car really be as easy as putting a coin in a vending machine?

Carvana, a website that sells used cars online, is opening its 20th car vending machine just outside of Los Angeles.

"It’s really an amazing experience. People bring their friends and family. They’re capturing photos and videos of the whole thing," said Ryan Keeton, Co-founder, Carvana.

Ryan Keaton is a co-founder of Carvana, which lets you buy and sell used cars online.

"Because we have lower overhead and we are online, we’re able to offer cars at a lower price than the traditional way of buying," said Keeton.

The process can take as little as 10 minutes with delivery the next day.

This machine holds 30 cars ready for pickup!

"We're trying to make car buying fun again," said Keeton.

And what's not fun about a giant car vending machine? What started out as sort of a publicity stunt has become a useful pickup option for buyers.

This machine holds 30 cars ready for pickup! It’s an impressive feat of engineering. Once retrieved, the car is placed in one of three delivery bays. When it’s safe, the doors open and the car can be driven off.

"We have cameras throughout the whole thing. We know the moment you put your coin in, we start capturing you and your car's journey all the way through," said Keeton.

Customers get a personalized pickup video perfect for social media and a seven day return policy.

"The e-commerce companies out there balance the delivery with the new kind of retail. It enables us to sell a high quality car at a low price and deliver a great experience," said Keeton.

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