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Super Dancing Math Teacher: Prisca Noizaire

Posted at 12:09 PM, Oct 03, 2019

This is not your typical 6th grade gifted math class. These children learn by doing the “quadrant dance.” The kids have fun and learn with music and technology all thanks to this week’s Super Teacher: Prisca Noizaire of Driftwood Middle School. Her students call her Mrs. Naz for short.

"You always want to be super. When you're super your students are super. Why not? You want to be a super teacher, your students to be super,  you want everyone around you to be super," said Noizaire

Noizaire's classes focuses on project based learning. For instance, learning math by doing projects that turn them into mini architects.

"What makes her amazing is that she's not just a math teacher. Nowadays, we need teachers who know more than just the content, we need teachers who are innovative, who know how to bring teaching and learning alive. Mrs. Noizaire is doing an amazing job of taking mathematics out of her classroom and making real world connections,"  said Steven Williams, Principal of Driftwood Middle School.