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Get Your Cape On: Teacher Cop

Posted at 2:29 PM, Oct 15, 2019

Alex Hernandez of Westland Hialeah High School is the new focus of this “Get Your Cape On” segment. In celebration of the new Batwoman series, here on the CW South Florida Sunday nights at 8 we are celebrating local, everyday heroes.

This former police officer turned teacher is truly a hero to his students, who look to follow his footsteps to a career in law enforcement.

"It's a surprise and it's an honor. I enjoy being a teacher, I enjoy having the kids here, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience," said Hernandez.

"Everybody loves him, he's like our star teacher,"said Ariana Echevarria Criminal Justice Academy Student.

Congrats to Alex Hernandez who launched the Criminal Justice Academy two years ago at Westland Hialeah High School.  That’s how you Get Your Cape On!