Firefighters calm frightened girl after crash by letting her paint their nails

Posted at 1:28 AM, Oct 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-16 01:28:19-04

(North Davis Fire District)

WEST POINT, Utah — A pair of firefighters have a colorful story to tell after lending a hand to a young girl at the scene of a crash, according to a Facebook post by the North Davis Fire District in West Point, Utah.

On Saturday, Battalion Chief Hadley and Captain Lloyd responded to the crash.

(North Davis Fire District)

A young girl, who had been in the vehicle, was not injured but she was very scared.

The two firefighters noticed she was holding fingernail polish and started asking her about it to take her mind off of what had happened.

That’s when they offered to let her paint their nails.

“Within minutes, the child was calmly painting their nails and had forgotten about the accident she had just experienced,” the fire district said. “Great job Chief Hadley and Captain Lloyd for providing awesome customer service to one of our young citizens.”