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Super Teacher: Mr. Russell Aaronson

Posted at 2:16 PM, Oct 17, 2019

Students at Coral Springs High School are getting ready for college thanks to the coolest teacher! Mr. Aaronson has a teacher game plan that was inspired by M-I-T programs that includes board games! Students read novels, analyze and play board games then have to create their own board game based on the books they’ve read.

With 23 years of experience Mr. Aaronson is happy that his Super Teacher award will help shine the light on the work being done in all public schools. 

”I love it as an opportunity for people to come in and see that what’s happening in schools is not what you think. We’re doing really innovative stuff. It’s happening in all of the classrooms. So if I can be the messenger for that, that’s great," said Aaronson.

"He has such energy and excitement about teaching. You would think he is a first year teacher because he is so excited. He is able to capture the attention of the students. He's able to take something like a bard game which seems simple, and elevates to higher level thinking. He's always challenging our student, so much that he has expanded our dual enrollment program. He's the cell because they love his excitement, his passion for teaching and that equates to learning for our students", said Vivian C. Suarez, Principal of Coral Springs High School.

"I really like him as a teacher! I enjoy his class more than my other classes. Its work that doesn't seem like busy work, it's more substantial", said Sebastian Evans, Junior

Congrats to mr. Aaronson, a super english teacher!