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After Six Years, “Frozen” is Back!

Posted at 12:31 PM, Nov 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-22 12:31:33-05

Fans had to let it go for six years!

But finally Disney’s "Frozen" is back, so let the sing-a-longs begin once again! The sequel explores Elsa’s magical powers, including why she was born with them and how they could be threatening her kingdom.

Reprising their roles are Idina Menzel as "Elsa," Kristen Bell as "Anna," Jonathan Groff as "Kristoff" and Josh Gad as "Olaf."

Melissa Marrero talks to Gadd about how all the characters grew throughout the sequel, specifically Olaf.

"It was very important, I think to all of us, that if we were going to do a sequel it wasn't just a rehash of the original. Olaf in the first movie he is a toddler, he's new to the world, he is innocent, he's naive. In this movie he is sort of that next level where he's becoming a fully grown child and with that comes a lot of heard questions. You start to ask yourself 'Why can't everything stay the same? Why do things have to change?' and that is both great for comedic mileage in the character but also secretly great for an amazing emotional arc," said Gad.

Melissa tells this South Floridian that his voice doesn't change and that he really is Olaf.

"It is a blessing and a curse. when we were first coming up with the character we tried all sorts of different voices. There was higher, there was lower, he had a lisp at one point and at the end of the day the co-directors looked at me and they go 'Your voice is exactly what this character wants to be,'" said Josh.

Click on video to see what Josh had to say about the success of the movie and the expectations he had.

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