Go Through The History of Street Art at The Museum of Graffiti!

Posted at 11:09 AM, Jan 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-13 16:36:21-05

One of the most revolutionary contemporary art movements in the world is now in Wynwood.

Located in the epicenter of street art, the Museum of Graffiti gives us a historic look at one of the most controversial and most prolific form of art.

"The Museum of Graffiti is the first museum in the world dedicated to the graffiti art form. It's a 50-year-old art movement, the largest in the world, and we are here to celebrate the people that made it, created it and all its innovation over the past 50 years," said co-owner, Alan Ket

When you walk into the museum you'll be taken through the evolution of graffiti, starting in the 1970s, then the 80s, and then the 90s.

"When you come to the museum you find artifacts, everything from the preliminary ephemera of the art movement in the form of markers and early sketches. You then proceed to see how those were used in the early days and you kind of get a feel like you are in each decade because of the art we have displayed, drawings, sculptures, paintings, on canvas, on wood, all sorts of really unique stuff you can't find anywhere else," said co-owner, Allison Freidin.

The museum celebrates the variety of graffiti styles from artists all over the world and it also spotlights the local graffiti artists.

“We’re really excited that we have an entire section in the museum dedicated to the evolution of graffiti in Miami specifically, that starts in the 1980s. We do have a gift shop that heavily promotes local artists, we want to provide local artists a platform to sell items that they are currently working on, whether its beach towels or dolls and it doesn’t end there. We’re really excited to have 13 exterior murals, many of which are by local artists. So we’re really lucky to have all these local artists support us and have them present inside and outside the museum,” added Freidin.

For tickets and more information on the museum, you can head on over to museumofgraffiti.com and you can follow them on Instagram @museumofgraffiti.