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How to Boost your Immune System for Coronavirus

Posted at 6:21 PM, Mar 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-20 11:15:35-04

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, many are asking what they can do to protect themselves. Infectious disease expert Dr. Bhavarth Shukla, from UHealth, sat down with us to talk about what you can do to boost your immune system.

"Basic things that we always forget about like sleep is very helpful and fluids, especially in South Florida since we're used to being outside," said Shukla.

Other immune boosters include staying active by doing at home work outs, eating healthy foods, and getting the flu vaccine.

"The Flu vaccine is always helpful because we still do have circulating Flu A and B," he said. "This year has been a big flu season prior to this thing starting, so if you haven't gotten it you should."

The virus is transmitted through bodily fluids, such as mucus or saliva. Even though seniors are more at risk, people of all ages can contract the virus.

"The key thing is if you feel bad, you should call your provider before you go in. The reason for that is not because they don't want to see you, it's because they want to be sure that they're ready to see you. In most cases, the people who have this do well and so the best recommendation is, if you're feeling okay and not terrible, stay at home. See if you get better, if you don't then call your provider," said Shukla.

Dr. Shukla also stressed the importance of relying on credible sources, such as your doctor or the CDC, for information on COVID-19.

He also said that other respiratory viruses, like the flu, peak in the winter seasons and then by the time Spring and Summer roll around there are fewer cases. This is what he is hoping will happen with COVID-19.