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Orilla Bar & Grill Brings South America to South Beach

Posted at 11:33 AM, Mar 05, 2020

Welcome to Orilla Bar & Grill. Located on 5th street and meridian avenue on Miami Beach, the eatery is known for it’s South American cuisine.

The 2,000-square-foot, indoor and outdoor restaurant facing has pendant lighting, green hues and gray tones, and modern wooden furniture.

"We tried to copy our original Orilla that's in Buenos Aires," said Executive Chef Fernando Trocca.

Known for his international work, Executive Chef Fernando Trocca uses his experiences to lead the kitchen and drive the menu. He divides it into large and small plates. From salads to steaks, the menu has a variety of options.

"A lot of the flavors come from the original restaurant in Argentina, but you do incorporate some Miami flavors, right?" asked our Melissa Marrero.

"Yes because we have more oprtions of ingredients and in some cases, better ingredients," said Trocca.

We head into the kitchen to make Chef Trocca’s signature dish, the paella. Which is made with bacon, chicken, sofrito sauce, bomba rice, chicken broth and shrimp. It cooks for 10-15 minutes… then voila!

Marrero and Chef Trocca sample the dish.

"So delicious. Paella's usually take forever to make, but this one only took about 10 minutes and it's so moist. What's the secret" asked Marrero.

"You see all the secrets. The secrets are the broth and the sofrito sauce," said Trocca.

Orilla Bar & Grill is open everyday for lunch and dinner. It's located at 426 Euclid Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139. For more informatin head to orilla.restaurant.com