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2024 Dating Trends: Embracing Self-Love and Communication

Posted at 6:05 PM, Feb 08, 2024

Sex Educator and Relationship Expert, Shan Boodram, recently joined Inside South Florida to unveil the emerging dating trend of 2024: "the year of self," emphasizing the importance of prioritizing individual needs and desires in relationships.

Valentine’s Day, traditionally synonymous with romantic love, is now being redefined to encompass self-love and appreciation. For those flying solo on February 14th, Boodram suggests embracing self-love by scheduling a date with oneself or gathering with friends to support each other in building Bumble profiles.

For those in relationships, Boodram advises proactive communication regarding Valentine's Day plans. "Valentiming," as she terms it, encourages early discussions about intentions and expectations surrounding the holiday. "If you have the conversation and discover that your partner isn't interested or doesn't celebrate it, you can redirect your focus towards self-love—the most beautiful love of all," explains Boodram.

Additionally, Boodram shares insights into optimizing dating app usage, suggesting that Mondays from 7-8pm and the period from New Year's Eve to Valentine's Day are opportune times for using Bumble.

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