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Agape Treatment Center can help you break the cycle of substance abuse

Posted at 6:18 PM, Jun 07, 2022

Men are more statistically likely to abuse drugs at a young age, which is why WSFL-TV Trusted Advisors George Mavrookas and Stephanie Robilio of Agape Treatment Center joined Inside South Florida to share more about why young men are affected and how they specialize in substance abuse treatment.

“I think that young kids want to fit in, and sometimes they don't fit in. Typically, in school, you have three categories, right? You have the person who's great at school scholastically, you have the person who is great at sports, and then you have the outsiders,” says Mavrookas. “If you're in that outsider group, what are you doing to stand out? Can you drink the most? Can you party the hardest?”

High school is a very impressionable time for kids, and Agape wants parents to know how to prevent their kids from going down that path.

“I think parents can start to just be more open-minded to the fact that these things do go on,” says Robilio. “I think by playing blind, that's what actually enables it to go on. I think it's about opening your eyes and having the courage as a parent to have these conversations that can be really difficult and uncomfortable.”

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