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Ariann Denison: From Miami Dolphins Pro Cheerleader to Inspiring Coach

Posted at 6:00 PM, May 14, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-14 18:00:01-04

Ariann Spitalny Denison, a former professional cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins who has now taken on the role of coach and mentor, joined Inside South Florida for a recent interview. With an impressive background in dance and cheerleading, Ariann is here to share her journey from performer to coach and her passion for mentoring the next generation through her innovative youth camps.

Ariann's journey began as a dancer, which eventually led her to cheerleading. "I really studied both cheer and dance until I tried out for the Miami Dolphins and went professional with cheerleading," she shared. Her career evolved from cheerleader to coach, choreographer, and manager, demonstrating her dedication and passion for the sport.

Coaching has always been Ariann’s calling. "I started teaching dance classes at 16 years old. It was always my goal to mentor and help [others] along the way," she said. Her leadership roles as captain and co-captain of the Dolphins' cheerleading squad fueled her desire to mentor and encourage others.

Ariann's passion for mentoring has led her to start a youth camp for aspiring cheerleaders. Inspired by her own teachers and coaches growing up, she said, "I want to be there for them... If I can give back, why not?" Her camp aims to instill confidence and a positive mindset in young cheerleaders, ensuring they can pursue and achieve their goals.

Camp participants will learn from an all-star team of professional cheerleaders. "We have the most encouraging coaches and very talented. They walk away better cheerleaders and hopefully better people," Ariann said. The unique aspect of her camp is the lasting family-like bond that forms among participants, which keeps them connected and supported throughout their lives and careers.

For Ariann, coaching is incredibly fulfilling. "Some of my former students are now graduating college or they're working on Broadway,” she expressed. “One just got off the stage at the Grammys and sent me a little message and that's incredible." This reciprocal impact between her and her students has enriched her life in countless ways.

Ariann proudly mentioned her all-star team of cheerleaders, a testament to her own mentorship experience with the Miami Dolphins. "I really owe everything I am to everyone that that put their time and effort into me. That's how I now have the skills to take someone and manage their career with them and say, ‘You want to go to the next level? Let's do it together!" she said, emphasizing the importance of guiding her team beyond their cheerleading careers.

For more information on Ariann Denison and her camps, follow her on Instagram @AriannDennison and @AriannsAllStars.

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