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Authors Share the Secret to Living ‘A Real Good Life’

Posted at 6:00 PM, Nov 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-09 17:59:59-05

Co-authors and podcasters, Sazan and Stevie Hendrix, joined Inside South Florida to discuss their newly released book, 'A Real Good Life.' The book is an exploration of recognizing and embracing both life's challenges and moments of joy, guiding readers toward a path that leads to genuine, authentic, and lasting happiness.

“This whole ‘good life’ that we've been sold, you know, through movies and TV, and that we're sold in Hollywood is really a mirage, it's really not a real good life, it's really not something that is soul satisfying,” says Stevie. “And so, this book really is about a life that is soul satisfying. It's about actually looking at your life, as a garden in a sense, and saying, like, ‘how can I cultivate the life, that garden that I've been given, to be the most beautiful thing that I can create.’ And so, it's not about going somewhere else, being someone else, it's about being yourself, and using the gifts and talents that God has given you and shining your light.”

One major chapter of the book delves into the concept of 'resting in being enough,' a transformative idea that Sazan explains as the practice of slowing down and creating moments for connection, joy, and love.

“Every expression of love doesn't have to be this larger than life Instagram moment,” says Sazan. “Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves, as women, as mothers, as entrepreneurs, to feel like our best has to be this top shelf approach and mindset every single day. And I think what I'm learning about success and through this book has been, you know, success isn't always about climbing and going higher. Like what if success actually is about going lower? You know, being present with those that you love and making room in your life for those simple moments that bring connection, joy and love.”

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