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Caregiver Challenges and Self-Care Strategies

Posted at 6:05 PM, Feb 07, 2024

With National Caregivers Day fast approaching on February 16th, it's a time to honor those who generously give their time and support to those in need. Dr. Merle Griff, a Family Therapist and the Founder/CEO of SarahCare, recently joined Inside South Florida to provide valuable insights and advice for caregivers facing various challenges.

The role of family caregivers often entails overwhelming stress, financial strain, and the constant need for self-care to sustain their caregiving efforts.

"It's very important that you refuel as a caregiver," emphasizes Griff. "What I found as a caregiver is I could find 15 minutes frequently during the day, even if it's two or three times during the day, to walk outside or read a magazine or do something that allows you to relax. Because if you don't have enough fuel to keep going, you're not going to be able to keep taking care of the person for which are caring."

Additionally, caregivers for loved ones with dementia encounter significant financial, emotional, and social burdens, often finding it challenging to explain the disease to children.

However, acknowledging the tireless efforts of caregivers and offering practical assistance can make a world of difference in ensuring they feel supported on this challenging journey.

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