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Caring for Senior Pets: Expert Advice from Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Posted at 9:28 PM, Jun 03, 2024

Disclaimer: This Inside South Florida segment is sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. All opinions and views are of the advertiser and does not reflect the same of WSFL-TV.

From understanding the specific needs to adopting older animals, the topic of caring for senior pets is not often discussed. Dr. Stacey Bone, a veterinarian from Hill’s Pet Nutrition joined Inside South Florida to share his expert advice on how to ensure our aging furry friends continue to lead healthy and happy lives.

Dr. Bone explained that most pets are considered seniors at about seven years of age. "I know that can be a little scary, but we're starting to celebrate aging in our pets because there's a whole lot of life after seven years," he shared.

Just like humans, pets' needs change as they age. Dr. Bone emphasized the importance of monitoring for subtle changes and discussing them with your veterinarian. "Aging isn't a disease, but there are things that happen to us as we age. So just be wary, right? Keep an eye on them, watch for subtle changes, and bring those up to your veterinarian if you notice them."

Proactivity is key when it comes to senior pet care. Regular veterinary visits, ideally twice a year, are crucial. Dr. Bone highlighted the importance of tailored nutrition, recommending products like Hill's Science Diet Senior Vitality. "There are stages of life of our pets, and at each stage, there are different nutrition needs. Be proactive about finding a good diet like Hill's Senior Vitality that is there to support and restore energy and vibrancy in our senior pets."

Dr. Bone noted a sad statistic from the ASPCA: about a quarter of senior pets do not get adopted. However, adopting a senior pet can be incredibly rewarding. Dr. Bone shared his personal experience: "My wife and I adopted a senior Beagle last year—best decision we've made. These dogs are fantastic. They're housebroken, they're not destructive, and they pretty much are chill. They have so much love and so much life to give."

For more information on senior pet care, visit and type in "senior care." You'll find a wealth of information on care tips, senior adoption, and senior nutrition.

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