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Celebrating National Nutrition Month: Healthy Eating Made Easy with Sprouts Farmers Market

Posted at 9:53 AM, Mar 06, 2024

For half a century, National Nutrition Month has guided individuals toward informed food choices and fostering healthier eating habits. To mark this occasion, Inside South Florida welcomed Cara Hubstreet, known as the "non-diet dietitian," the brains behind, and the author of "Healthy Eating for Life." Teaming up with Sprouts Farmers Market, she offers valuable insights and suggestions on embracing nutritious foods.

Importance of National Nutrition Month:

Cara emphasizes the significance of recognizing National Nutrition Month, stating, "In my book, I talk about how you can build sustainable habits for a better relationship with food. So although the science of nutrition is always changing, it's great to team up with Sprouts Farmers Market to show how healthy eating can be both easy and affordable."

Trends for National Nutrition Month:

This year's National Nutrition Month theme, "going beyond the table," encourages a holistic approach to eating, encompassing every aspect from the farm to the fork. Cara highlights the importance of navigating the grocery store wisely, with Sprouts offering a fresh, friendly environment and the season's freshest produce. "One of the best tips I can share is to always focus on eating more basics like fruits and vegetables. That is one of those nutrition trends that never goes out of style."

Why March is Ideal for Nutrition Focus:

March heralds the arrival of beautiful, fresh produce, making it an ideal time to focus on nutrition. Cara notes, "As a dietitian, this is one of my favorite times of the year because as you can see we have beautiful fresh produce coming into season right now." She recommends incorporating vibrant citrus fruits, berries, and a variety of vegetables into meals to create a colorful plate.

Delicious and Healthy Recipes:

Cara shares a tantalizing recipe for flavor-packed fajitas featuring chili chicken thighs pre-marinated and authentic Sprouts brand salsa. "This ready-to-eat meal is done in just 30 minutes, combining some of that always fresh produce that I mentioned earlier as well as quality meats, seasonings, and sauce."

Top Snacking Picks:

For snacking, Cara opts for options with a satisfying crunch. She recommends Sprouts' range of healthier snacks like pita chips and hummus, plantain or Peruvian kettle chips, and chocolate almond protein bars. "All these options provide a delicious way to stay fueled throughout the day."

Where to Find More Information:

For those seeking more information and delectable recipes, Cara directs them to visit

This Inside South Florida segment is sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market.

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