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Chef Vicky: Transforming Culinary Dreams into Reality at Pro Kitchen Hub

Posted at 11:16 AM, Jul 02, 2024

Renowned for her culinary expertise and dedication to the community, Chef Vicky welcomed Inside South Florida to Pro Kitchen Hub in Sunrise, Florida. She shared the story behind her latest venture and her journey from Haiti to becoming a celebrated chef.

"This place is my fourth child," Chef Vicky began, proudly introducing the Pro Kitchen Hub. The facility serves multiple roles: a catering service, a bakery, and a resource hub for aspiring food industry professionals. The Hub helps others stay organized, efficient, and in business. The culinary studio is also available for rent to influencers, chefs, and anyone needing a professional kitchen to film content.

Chef Vicky’s philosophy is deeply rooted in giving back. "I live by the principle: to whom much is given, much is required," she said. She feels a profound responsibility to share her success with others, especially given her background. "Because I come from a country like Haiti, I've been blessed to be in this position... Why not share it with others?"

Her love for cooking began at home. "Growing up in Haiti, all I took away with me were the moments that we spent together," she recalled. Her journey from helping family in the kitchen to becoming a head chef was driven by her eagerness to explore various fields before finding her true passion in food.

Chef Vicky describes her cooking style as "Caribbean contemporary with an international twist." She focuses on capturing the essence of Caribbean flavors and making them her own. Cooking brings her a unique blend of peace and chaos. "It brings me peace. I'm happy when I'm cooking," she shared.

Her impressive resume includes accolades such as being a Chopped champion, a James Beard fellow, Caribbean Chef of the Year, a Food Network chef, a consultant, a nutritionist, an entrepreneur, a published author, and a professor. Despite these achievements, what she is most proud of is her family. "The fact that I have been married for 22 years, raised three wonderful young adults, and managed to have a career at the same time," she said with pride.

When interacting with her audience, Chef Vicky wants them to feel loved and cherished. "I want them to feel that somebody took the time to curate something for them, for their soul to be touched by my food," she explained. Her goal is to leave a piece of herself with every bite her guests take.

Chef Vicky's journey is deeply influenced by her upbringing in Haiti. She carries the love and traditions from her homeland in every dish she creates. "Haiti is still within me. I left with that piece of love that was gifted to me by my family," she reflected.

Looking to the future, Chef Vicky has a mission in mind. "I would love to go back and make a difference in my own country," she said. For now, she continues to make an impact in South Florida through her culinary endeavors.

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