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Coping with post-pandemic depression and anxiety

Posted at 7:02 PM, May 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-13 19:02:24-04

As life begins to return to normal for many, we are starting to realize just how big of an impact the pandemic has had on our mental health. MedCircle, the most trusted online mental health resource, can help you come to terms with some of these feelings, and work through them.

Kyle Kittelson, host of MedCircle, was diagnosed with depression when he was just 9-years-old. His parents saw early signs of mental health issues and were able to provide him with a therapist to help him overcome this battle.

"The first decade of my life or so, was one that I don't really remember or understand because it was so dark, and not for any reason that I can pinpoint other than I just think my brain was wired kind of differently," he says.

Even after therapy and medication, Kittelson continued to have bouts of depression. When he was able to get mental health education, his life truly changed.

Education on mental health can help you better understand your condition, and give you a sense of power over it, says Kittelson. Knowing the different symptoms and treatments for different mental health issues can help you choose your path of treatment.

There was a 4-time increase in the number of those reporting suffering from depression and anxiety in South Florida alone over the last 15 months. For those feeling these symptoms for the first time, it can disrupt their plan on getting back to normal life.

"For all the scuba divers out there in South Florida, when you come up from a dive, you come up slowly," he says. "That's the same way we want to integrate back into society. You don't have to go to the busy farmer's market for four hours on day one, you can start slow with a walk around the park."

The most important thing you can ask someone who has been suffering from mental illness is if they are planning on hurting themselves or ending their life. Kittelson says this is a life-saving question, and while it can be difficult to ask, it is extremely important to make sure your loved one stays safe.

"Keep it compassionate, keep it loving, but don't be afraid to ask that question. It is the life saving question that people don't know they're allowed to ask," he says.

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