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Debunking Cardio Myths and Unveiling Effective Workout Strategies

Posted at 6:10 PM, Feb 05, 2024

Heather Frey, founder of SmashFit, shares insights on dispelling cardio myths and shedding light on effective workout strategies during her feature on Inside South Florida.

Frey aims to challenge prevalent misconceptions, notably debunking the myth that cardio is the sole avenue for burning calories and achieving weight loss. She emphasizes the significance of maintaining a calorie deficit, where the calories burned through various activities and exercises surpass those consumed. Frey clarifies that while exercise accelerates weight loss, it is not the exclusive factor.

Dispelling another common misconception, Frey negates the notion that cardio is obligatory for regaining fitness. She elaborates on diverse workout strategies tailored to individual cardio needs, providing flexibility and options for those seeking to enhance their fitness levels.

For individuals looking to explore comprehensive insights and practical advice, SmashFit serves as a valuable resource. Connect with Heather Frey on Instagram @HeatherSmashFit and delve into a wealth of information on

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