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Demesmin and Dover Explain Free Personal Injury Consultations

Posted at 6:10 PM, Nov 02, 2023

WSFL-TV’s Trusted Advisors and Law Firm Partners of Demesmin and Dover Law Firm, Victor Demesmin and Jeremy Dover, joined Inside South Florida to discuss their expertise in handling free personal injury consultations and how they can provide you with the best services.

“If you, unfortunately, get in a car accident, or something happens to you and you have questions like any normal person may have some questions or concerns, you can call us, we can go over it with you for free,” says Demesmin. “We can assess it to see if it's a case that maybe we can help you out with and maybe if it's not a case we can help you out with, maybe it's a case that we can point you in the right direction.”

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