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DIY Fashion: Transforming Old Tees into Trendy Tops with Caitlyn Burdash

Posted at 6:15 PM, Apr 24, 2024

As Earth Month encourages us to find ways to reduce waste and recycle, one creative solution lies in repurposing old items from our closet. Caitlyn Burdash, designer of Burdash Bikinis, joins us to demonstrate how to breathe new life into old graphic tees, giving them a stylish makeover while minimizing waste.

Meet Caitlin Burdash: Our DIY Bestie
Caitlin Burdash, the creative mind behind Burdash Bikinis, walks us through the steps of transforming tired tees into trendy tops. Armed with a sewing machine and a passion for thrift flips, Caitlin found her niche in repurposing old clothing items, ultimately leading to the birth of Burdash Bikinis.

DIY Project 1: Sleeveless Tee Transformation
The first DIY project involves turning a regular graphic tee into a chic sleeveless top. Caitlin demonstrates how to cut out the sleeves and create a straight vertical line on both sides of the shirt, emphasizing the simplicity of the process. With a few snips of the scissors, old tees are given a fresh new look.

DIY Project 2: Bow Embellishment
For those hesitant to wield scissors, Caitlin offers an alternative: adding a decorative bow to the tee. Using a ribbon or trim of choice, she effortlessly threads it through the armhole and ties it into a bow, instantly elevating the shirt's style without any cutting involved.

Repurposing Scraps for Sustainable Fashion
Caitlin emphasizes the importance of saving fabric scraps for future projects, advocating for their use in other DIY endeavors or even as stuffing for pillows. This eco-conscious approach to fashion encourages creativity while reducing textile waste.

Where to Find Inspiration and More DIY Projects
For those inspired to embark on their own DIY fashion journey, Caitlin can be found on social media, @burdashbikinis, where she shares tips, tricks, and tutorials for transforming old clothing into fashion-forward pieces. Additionally, visit for more information and to explore Caitlin's creations.

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