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Dragrace All-Star A’keria C. Davenport dishes on the latest season of the show

Posted at 3:45 PM, Jul 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-14 15:45:46-04

A’keria C. Davenport has sashayed down the runway on RuPaul's Drag Race and right into the hearts of fans. Now she's back for All-Stars 6, and she gave us all the details.

Working in an even bigger workroom and getting another chance at the crown, Davenport says it's great to be back. The main goal, she says, is redemption. When she was asked to return, she wasn't sure if she was ready for another round, especially after a hard previous season.

"I'm one of those people that come from pageantry, so I overly critique myself, so it didn't help that the fans beat me down after," she says. "It was just one of those things where I had to mentally prepare myself."

Although she was top 4 in her season, she was an underdog, and fans never let her forget it. Comments from fans ripped apart everything she had done before and on the show, she says. For this season, she's had a bit of an evolution, and as the episodes go on you'll see her blossom more and more.

"A’keria is not really one who shows her emotions, and that's because I never had the privilege to, number 1, and number 2, because A’keria is always the person who's tried to help the next person, so I take on the weight of everybody else," she says. "But A’keria does have a heart everybody, listen, she's not cold-hearted."

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