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Empowering Business Growth: Creating Outbound Systems with PEMA.IO

Posted at 6:00 PM, Feb 09, 2024

Tim and Cindy Dodd, CEO and COO of PEMA.IO, recently joined Inside South Florida to delve into how their company assists clients in establishing outbound systems to secure more robust and sustainable revenue streams.

PEMA.IO, an acronym for Persuasion, Math, Avenue, specializes in lead generation and conversion for businesses, offering tailored services to meet each client's specific requirements. “It's pretty much the foundations of an effective marketing campaign. You need to be good at persuasion, the numbers have to make sense, and you need the right avenue or channel,” explains Cindy.

The company provides data-driven marketing services, guiding clients through a meticulous process to yield consistent results. According to Tim, there are three key components essential for any company to thrive in the marketplace. “One: you need a flow of people that are raising their hand saying, ‘we need help, can we talk about your service.’ You need a conversion system that will turn those people into paying customers. And then number three is you need a fulfillment system where, not only do a good job, but you sell them more. We really specialize in those first two pieces,” he says.

PEMA.IO's clients benefit from outbound messaging and systematic approaches meticulously crafted by the company, leveraging their comprehensive collection of data and nuanced insights to ensure consistent client engagement. The company's data-driven approach has yielded successful results, providing invaluable insights into what resonates with customers.

For further details on how PEMA.IO can empower your business growth, visit PEMA.IO.

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