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Enhancing The Male Handsome Without Taking Away His Masculinity

Posted at 4:52 PM, Jun 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-16 11:08:00-04

Now more than ever, men are spending billions of dollars on skincare and grooming products to look and feel amazing - and that includes makeup! Anttoni Lopez, CEO and founder of Alpha Male Cosmetics joined our host, Jason, to discuss his recognition of the need for makeup exclusively for men and his successes in supplying that need.

The stigma surrounding men and makeup has been one that has plagued the beauty industry for far too long. Anttoni's goal was to revolutionize this female dominated industry after his own personal experiences with its products.

"I never wore makeup unless I was covering up the scars from the abusive relationship I was in, to hide from my family. In between doing that I really fell in love with makeup," stated Lopez.

As the wounds healed, Anttoni's confidence raised with and without makeup on. He realized that he deserved to enjoy the boost of self-esteem that wearing makeup gave him whenever he'd choose. Though this company was born out of a painful experience, Anttoni used his strength to create something positive for all men.

The mission behind Alpha Male Cosmetics is to boost confidence in the everyday man. Whether you are looking for a "full beat" or a simple look, this cosmetics company has an array of products made just for you.

"We enhance a guys handsome without taking away his masculinity," stated by Alpha Male Cosmetic's founder, Anttoni Lopez.

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