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Erin Brockovich explains how Brita is helping fight lead in our water

Posted at 2:21 PM, Mar 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-11 14:21:28-05

Erin Brockovich is known as the activist who helped give justice to consumers in California, where water was polluted by a big corporation. Her efforts were recognized in an Oscar winning movie, and now Erin is teaming up with Brita to bring attention to another critical water problem.

An EPA study shows that lead pipes are still being used to provide water to 400,000 schools and daycares right here in the United States. Erin joined Inside South Florida to tell us more about it.

When asked by ISF host, Jason Carter, how dangerous these lead pipes are, Erin explains, “They’re very dangerous, and it’s a problem playing itself out through America. We all know the danger of lead, especially to children.” Erin says, ”it’s significant and until we have an infrastructure that can replace all the lead pipes throughout the country, I think it’s important we have actionable options and solutions to remove lead from the daycares and the water.”

As for actionable options and solutions to eradicate the problem, Erin says, “I’m really happy to be a part of the Brita Water Solutions Program. This is about water filters that remove lead specifically for daycares.” Brockovich explains, “people can go to, a website where they can get information about lead. Brita is giving away lead filtration systems to daycares and it’s important to have a solution in your hands to give you some assurance that your tap water is free of lead.”

Is there any other solutions that everyday people and adults can use?

When discussing other solutions everyday people and adults can implement, Erin says, “first off, you need to understand your water quality, get curious and start asking questions. Call your municipal water company if there is a lead contamination, you should be getting notifications. For people to get involved locally, know your water, contact your water provider, make sure you are getting a water quality report, so you know what is in your water. That is one of the most important steps you can take.” Brockovich advises, “it’s important for parents to make it their job to know the water quality in their children's daycare. For more info go to for this campaign, Brita is focused on lead in the water for daycares. Brita will give free water filters to Daycares. If you are not getting a quarterly water report, please demand one.”

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