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EXCLUSIVE: One of the stars of "Lightyear" talks about the impact this film will make and more

Posted at 12:53 PM, Jun 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-21 12:53:31-04

To Infinity and Beyond!

Disney and Pixar's his newest film, "Lightyear" finally tells us the story of the hero who inspired one of our most beloved favorite characters from the Toy Story franchise Buzz Lightyear.

Chris Evans, voices the famous Space Ranger and joining him in the film is our girl Keke Palmer, who talked about how she approached her character of "Izzy".

"I think that was really lucky to be able to originate a character unlike, you know, Chris, who had to recreate a character that we already know and love. So I felt very lucky and being able to add someone completely new," says Palmer. "I just wanted to play her emotions genuinely and authentically. I think the thing that I love about Disney and Pixar is they're able to approach approach such big things and lighthearted ways. And so I just wanted to have fun with this character and play her authentically as possible."

"Lightyear" makes an impact with the representation with the Black and LGBTQ+ communities and the actress hopes the new generation of kids are represented in amazing spaces with this film.

"I think that's the biggest part is that you know, we think about this movie. This is the movie that Andy watched that made him love. Buzz Lightyear the toy. And so when you see all these characters like Izzy and Alicia and like you said representing women representing black women in leadership roles representing LGBTQ plus what we're saying is these people have always been a part of our story," says Palmer. "Let's make sure that from these days forward, that we continue to express their prominence in our in our world and how they've always continued to make it a better place."

Disney is known to keep actors in their family. For example. Chris Evans was Captain America under the Marvel family (owned by Disney) and Taika Waititi has been in Star Wars, Marvel, and now Pixar. So, when asked if she would be open to being another franchise under the Disney family, she said all options were on the table.

"I mean, I love Disney. I'm a Disney kid. I've loved working with Disney Channel. I love working with Disney and Disney News. I mean, I'm all up and through Disney they can call me and I'm sure it's always going to be something that's amazing. So yeah, I'm down for for anything with them," says Palmer.

We think she'd make a great Tiana.

"Lightyear" is now in South Florida Theaters.

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