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Fit or False with Heather Frey

Posted at 1:13 PM, Jul 19, 2021
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There are so many fitness myths, it's hard to figure what's going to make a difference and what's going to leave you feeling duped. Luckily, fitness expert Heather Frey has the answers to some of the most common health and fitness questions.

Is white rice made from brown rice? yes! White rice is just brown rice that's been stripped of all the "good things," as Frey calls it. This changes the texture and taste, which is why some people prefer it.

This one might shock you, but working out your abs won't make your stomach flat. You can build your abs by working them out, but you have to eat right in order to burn the layer of fat that's covering them. Work to build them, eat to see them, she says.

Whole wheat bread is always marketed as healthier than white bread, but in reality, it can have dyes that make them pretty much even. Whole grain bread is healthier than both of these alternatives. Read the labels and check the fiber content to see how healthy it really is.

You can burn more calories with resistance training than cardio. You'll burn calories while you're lifting, as well as after while your muscles are repairing themselves.

A huge myth is that there's a certain time that's considered the best time to work out. The truth is whatever time you're able to go in order to stay constant is the best time. You won't burn more calories just because you're exercising in the morning, so do what works best for you.

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