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Fitness Expert, Heather Frey answers the most common fitness questions

Posted at 5:30 PM, Nov 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-09 17:30:37-05

It can be intimidating to ask questions about workouts and how to perform them properly at a gym. Fitness Expert, Heather Frey joined Inside South Florida to answer some of your common fitness questions.

“This first question came up because it's relevant to what I've just gone through. Should you work out if you're sick? The answer is no, absolutely not,” says Frey. “Beyond the obvious reasons of not wanting to go to the gym and spreading it. But even if you are working out at home, your body needs its energy to get well.”

Frey shared the best way to burn the most fat off your body.

“The quick answer is intensity. If you are looking to burn, you need to move your body, you need intensity,” says Frey. “It's an intense bike ride. It's interval training, it's things that get your heart going.”

Another big question people have is, “what constitutes a workout?”

“Here's what I'm going to say, all movement is exercise. But not all exercise is a workout,” says Frey. “I could stand here and I could lift weights 10 times and go about my day, or walk to the end of my block and come back, but is it a workout? A workout really has more structure, a workout usually has a goal in mind.”

Pairing exercise with a healthy diet is essential to losing weight.

“Get rid of as much junk food as you possibly can,” says Frey. “I'm not talking about all of it, but the chips, the baked goods, the sugary drinks, if you start reducing that excess, those extra pounds will be gone.”

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